Who Had a Worse Week: Daines or Essmann?

At a time when the Montana Republican Party is floundering over the Special Congressional Election, two Montana Republicans couldn’t shake the bad headlines this week.
Senator Steve Daines attempted to dodge protesters who are demanding a meeting with him by changing his schedule at the last minute. And GOP Chairman Jeff Essmann was raked over the coals for encouraging voter suppression in the upcoming special election.
So you tell us, who had a worse week?
Senator Steve Daines:
Great Falls Tribune: Daines talks jobs, is met by protesters, in Havre
Havre Daily News: Joining the Wave of Protest
AP: Hundreds gather at Capitol to protest Daines; senator cancels
AP: Amid protesters, Daines touts Supreme Court nominee
MTPR: Daines Stumps For Gorsuch, Spars With Protesters At Montana Capitol
MTPR: Protesters Give Sen Daines An Earful At The State Capitol
KTVH: Hundreds gather in Helena to ask Daines to hold town hall
TPM: GOP Sen. Delays Speech At Last Minute As Hundreds Of Protesters Show Up
GOP Chair Jeff Essmann:
Billings Gazette Editorial: GOP chairman’s call for voter suppression
Havre Daily News: Essmann Blasted for Email Opposing All Mail in Ballots
Billings Gazette: GOP chairman says mail elections hurt Republicans, is accused of voter suppression
Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Republicans divided over letting counties use all-mail ballots in special election
KECI: Mail ballot proposal draws controversy
MTPR: Accusations Of Voter Suppression Fly Ahead Of Montana Special Election
KTVH: MT GOP leader, county officials at odds over mail-ballot proposal
Great Falls Tribune: GOP leader opposes mail ballot for special election
The Guardian: Montana Democrats accuse Republicans of voter suppression ahead of special election
POLITICO: Montana GOP chair argues against mail ballots for House special
MSNBC: Montana GOP chair warns too much voter turnout favors Democrats

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