FACT CHECK: Gianforte Is Backed By Groups Pushing to Raise Montanans’ Health Care Premiums

New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte is supported by the same D.C. politicians that are pushing healthcare legislation which would raise premiums on Montanans by an average of $306 every month.

Despite claims that he now opposes the American Health Care Act, Greg Gianforte is supported by the very authors of the bill which would increase Montanans’ premiums, force older Americans to pay premiums five times higher than younger Americans and would cut Medicare.

His D.C. insider donors actually pulled support from Congressional candidates who opposed the disastrous healthcare bill, but they doubled down on Gianforte and are spending even more money to support his campaign.

FACT CHECK: Gianforte Supports Tax Breaks for Corporations That Outsource Jobs

New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte supports tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas.

In 2016, as a gubernatorial candidate, Gianforte proposed a tax plan that primarily benefited the wealthy and corporations that ship jobs to foreign countries.

Gianforte also lobbied to replace the income tax and capital gains tax with a statewide sales tax that would benefit the wealthy over Montana’s working families — another example of Gianforte working on behalf of multi-millionaires like himself over everyday Montanans.

Rob Quist Clear Winner of Montana Congressional Debate

Montana voters saw a clear winner during Saturday’s MTN News congressional debate. Rob Quist outlined how he would be an independent voice for hardworking Montanans and stand up for Montana values in the U.S. House of Representatives, while his opponent would just be another vote for special interests and multimillionaires like himself.

“This election is a fight for the soul of Montana,” said Rob Quist. “In Montana, you shouldn’t have to be a millionaire to hunt, fish or hike in our great outdoors. Everyone should be able to send their kids to a good school, make a good living, and retire with dignity. Montanans have a clear choice this election between someone who will stand up for our values and fight for everyday working Montanans – or my opponent, who will just be another vote for multimillionaires like himself.”  

On public lands, health care, and energy, Rob laid out how he will always put Montanans first. That includes protecting Second Amendment rights and defending a woman’s right to make her own personal health care decisions without government intrusion.

Meanwhile, Greg Gianforte stumbled to explain his investments in Russia, and didn’t address why he sued to block stream access and how he will protect Montanans’ health care while his campaign is being bankrolled by the special interests backing the disastrous D.C. health care bill.

Gianforte also dodged questions on whether he would support new tax breaks for millionaires and doubled down on defunding Planned Parenthood, which provides cancer screenings, contraception, family planning and other services to more than 15,000 Montanans every year.

Bernie Sanders Backs Rob Quist, Will Campaign in Montana Next Month

Bernie Sanders is backing Rob Quist’s campaign for Montana’s U.S. House seat and will be campaigning with the Flathead folk musician across the state in May.
“Rob Quist is the only person in this race who understands that we need a government in Washington that works for all Montanans and all Americans and not just the special interests and the billionaire class,” Bernie Sanders said. “Congress right now is dominated by politicians who worry about the needs of their wealthy campaign contributors. We need members of Congress like Rob who will work to rebuild the shrinking middle class, who will fight all attempts to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and will oppose tax breaks for the very rich. Rob is a populist, grassroots candidate fighting for the working families of Montana. I look forward to campaigning with him in May and working with him in Congress.”  
“I’m excited that Bernie Sanders recognizes that our grassroots campaign is building momentum and has the best chance in decades to take back Montana’s U.S. House seat for the rest of us,” Rob Quist said. “In the U.S. House, I’ll be a voice to protect our public lands, fight for working families, work for better health care, and stand up to Wall Street and special interests.”
Montanans can sign up to find out more details about Bernie and Rob’s visit by texting BERNIE to 30644 or by going to http://robquist.org/bernie
Reporters interested in attending events with Bernie and Rob should contact Tina Olechowski at tina@robqui st.org.

Tester: Eliminate Unfair Canadian Trade Practices

Senator Introduces Resolution to Fix Canadian Wheat Grading, Give Farmers a Fair Price 

U.S. Senator Jon Tester is fighting to eliminate unfair Canadian trade practices that artificially downgrade the value of Montana wheat and hurt farmers’ bottom lines.

Under current Canadian law, wheat grown in the U.S. is automatically downgraded to the lowest quality designation of wheat, known as feed wheat, when it crosses the border. The U.S., however, provides a fair examination of wheat imported from Canada.  This trade discrepancy punishes Montana farmers who sell their products in Canada, but does not reciprocate that punishment for Canadian producers who export their products to the Unite States.

Tester is introducing a Senate Resolution that demands Canada change its wheat grading procedure to be equivalent and fair to Montana farmers.  Tester’s Senate Resolution also demands the Trump Administration examine whether Canada’s wheat grading laws adhere to existing trade agreements.

 “Montana farmers work hard and harvest the best wheat in the world, and it is wrong that they aren’t paid a fair price when selling it in Canada,” Tester said.  “This resolution will bring to the surface this unfair Canadian trade practice, so we can ensure Montana farmers aren’t disadvantaged when selling wheat in Canadian markets.  Every farmer knows that Hard Amber Wheat Duram is not feed wheat, and Montana should get the fair price they deserve.”    

Tester has raised specific concerns regarding unfair Canadian trade practices with the Canadian Minister of Agriculture, and he urged the former U.S. Trade Representative to take action on this issue last year.

Canada is Montana’s largest trade partner.  The U.S. and Canada traded $575 billion in goods in 2015, including the export of $280 billion in U.S. made products.

Tester’s Senate Resolution text is available HERE.