City of Billings Municipal Primary Election Quick Reference Guide

The City of Billings Municipal Primary Elections are quickly approaching. All ballots are due on Sept 12, 2017. The Yellowstone County Dems created this quick reference guide to help you understand the process!

About the Election:

The election office in Billings, MT is located at the Yellowstone County Courthouse, 217 N 27th St, Room 101. Upon entering the Yellowstone County Courthouse, Room 101 is on your left side should you enter from the west entrance (27th St).

Except for Election Day for the primaries, Sept 12, the Election Office is open during traditional business hours 8 AM – 5 PM. On Election Day, the Election Office is open from 7 AM – 8 PM. The Election Office is closed on Labor Day, Sept 5.

The City Election is being conducted by mail even for people who have not requested an absentee ballot. Ballots will be available for people leaving town prior to being mailed on August 25 or for voters with disabilities starting August 14.

Registering to Vote:

First, check your registration at:

If your registration status is “Inactive” you have to contact the Yellowstone Election Office or register to vote.

If your registration status is active, please check your address. The most common problem is the wrong address for a voter. If the address is wrong, you have to re-register. Please check the “Change of Address” box on the registration form.

You can get the voter registration form at:

You must mail the form to the Yellowstone County Election Office. Box 35002, Billings, MT 59107. This form must be post marked by Aug 14.

You cannot register to vote online or by fax.

After Aug 15, you must go to the Election Office to register to vote.

After Aug 15 you can register and vote on the same day.

Please note that you may register and vote on Election Day, Sept 12.

You can register to vote and vote in Montana even if you have been convicted of a felony. You cannot vote in the Billings city election if you live outside the city, even if you own property in Billings.


The ballots for the city Primary Election will be mailed Aug 25. If you do not receive a ballot by Sept 2 you should contact the Election Office. To insure that your ballot gets to the Election Office on time mail the ballot no later than Sept 5. A regular stamp is sufficient postage. There is a box at the North Entrance of the Courthouse where you can drop your ballot off through Election Day.

There will be three races on your ballot.
-City Judge (Only the current City Judge has filed)
-City Council (Only your Ward)

In each race you can only vote for one candidate. If you vote for two candidates your vote will not be counted.

Please follow the instructions on the ballot.

In a number of races candidates have publicly declared that they have dropped out of the race; however, because the official date for withdrawing as a candidate has passed, their names will still be on the ballot. To date, the following candidates have publicly announced that they have dropped out:

-Mayor: Paul Bledsoe
-Ward 3: Russell Rowland
-Ward 4: Rick McIntyre

Finally, your ballot must be in the Yellowstone County Election Office by 8pm on Tue, Sept 12. Again, the office will be open until 8pm on that day for in person voting.

If you do not know what ward you live in please find your residence on the ward map:

For more information please go to:

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