Chair Kelly McCarthy to step down

The Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee has called a special election to replace outgoing Chair Kelly McCarthy.  The election will be held on 18 October at 510 North 29th Street. 

Kelly McCarthy has been Chair of the Yellowstone County Democrats for four years.  He took over the role from Billings attorney Joe Raffiani

When asked why he is stepping down now, McCarthy cited that there has been an influx of new people and new energy following the November 2016 elections.  With the upcoming 2018 elections, it’s important to let the new team steer the ship from beginning to end.  “The organization is on a very strong footing and there are so many enthusiastic new voices that I feel very comfortable stepping down now and handing the reins to the next leadership team.”  McCarthy stated.

McCarthy will continue his role in the Montana legislature.  A role that he feels is extremely important right now as they help to steer the state through the current budget challenges.

Any question can be directed to the Yellowstone County Democrats Vice Chair and Communications lead, Amelia Marquez, at 406-860-5420.

Thank you, Representative McCarthy. Your Yellowstone County Democrats thank you for your service.

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