1) Dinner/Forum for the Primary Election Candidates for Mayor – Tuesday, July 18th. RSVP before July 8th.
2) Dinner/Forum for the General Election Candidates for Billings City Council – Tuesday, September 19th. RSVP before September 9th.
3) Dinner/Forum for the General Election Candidates for Billings Mayor – Tuesday, October 17th. RSVP before October 7th.

Separate announcements with more details will be sent out before each dinner. These dinners/forums are designed solely to educate Club members and the general public about candidates in the Billings elections so they can make an informed vote.

The dinners will be at the Billings Food Bank/Fortin Culinary Center, 2112 4th Ave. North.

The evening starts with sign in/no host reception and net working at 5:15pm.
This reception is designed to allow people to talk individually with the candidates. All candidates in the Billings elections are welcome at any of the dinners including candidates who will not be speaking, e.g., candidates for City Council are welcome at the July 18th dinner; they will be introduced but not allowed to speak.

A buffet dinner starts at 6:00pm. The menus have not been decided. There will be a vegan option. Cost $10. Pay at the door by cash or check. If you wish you can bring a bottle of your favorite beverage or wine to share with your friends. The meals are excellent. Our chef, Ashley, loves to cook.

Speeches will start at 6:30pm. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the speeches.

It is very important for people to RSVP at least 10 days before the scheduled dinner by emailing .
Please state the number of people in your party and meal preference (vegan or regular). If your RSVP is received you will receive a “Thank You” in reply.

The Yellowstone Democratic Club is NOT the Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee. The Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee is a body created by Montana Law and as such is the legal Democratic Party for Yellowstone County. By law it is composed of two Precinct Committee Persons from each Precinct in Yellowstone County. Under the law it can do certain legal acts like nominate a replacement for Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy when he resigned. In contrast the Yellowstone Democratic Club is a simple social club of Democrats and Progressives from the entire Yellowstone Basin from Gardiner to the Missouri River. Its members meet to have fun socializing and net working with fellow Democrats and Progressives and hear presentations of a political nature. The Yellowstone Democratic Club WILL NOT be endorsing any Candidate in the Billings elections; it WILL NOT be giving any campaign contribution or other direct support for any Candidate in the Billings elections.

AGAIN, TO EAT AT THE DINNER YOU MUST RSVP BY EMAILING at least 10 days before the date set for the dinner.

Paul Van Tricht, President
Yellowstone Democratic Club
Ph: 406-371-5350

Rob Quist’s Medical Story – He Wants to Hear Your Medical Story

Dear friends and fellow Montanans,

I know how worrisome it is to put your life in someone else’s hands and hope for the best. And we all know what it is like dealing with big insurance companies. Montana has some of the best medical professionals in the country, but sometimes things still go wrong.

Years ago, I went under the knife for gallbladder surgery and it went badly.

My family was faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills that nearly bankrupted us. That’s a story that too many Montanans share.

Montanans and hard-working folks across this country are too often put into the same financial situation my family has had to face. One in five working Americans1 — even those with insurance — reported that they have had problems paying medical bills, according to a 2016 survey.

I know my family’s health care story isn’t unique. That’s why I’m asking to hear your story.

.What is your healthcare horror story? When were you forced to make some difficult decisions between your health and your way of life here in Montana? What did you end up doing to get by?

Click here to share your stories with me so we can take action!

Your stories will help me elevate your voices and represent your needs when I’m elected your next Congressman. With your support, I will fight everyday for your right to have quality, affordable healthcare and to continue to lead healthy, productive lives.

Your stories will help me elevate your voices and represent your needs when I’m elected your next Congressman. With your support, I will fight everyday for your right to have quality, affordable healthcare and to continue to lead healthy, productive lives.

Share your stories to help us stand up to radical leaders in Washington who want to take away our access to quality, affordable health care.


Rob Quist




GOP Leadership Opposes Mail-In Ballot – Link to Essmann Memo & Maddow Segment on Issue

Republicans divided over letting counties use all-mail ballots in special election
• By Chuck Johnson Chronicle Staff Writer
HELENA —At an early morning caucus Wednesday, GOP leaders warned that a bill to give counties the option of a mail-ballot election to fill Montana’s congressional seat could cost Republicans the election, even though proponents say it would save taxpayers money.
Despite that warning, the Senate’s State Administration Committee approved the bill on a bipartisan 6-2 vote, later in the day.
Montana’s anticipating a special congressional election late this spring to fill the U.S. House seat now occupied by Rep. Ryan Zinke, a Republican. President Donald Trump has nominated Zinke to be his secretary of the interior, and his confirmation vote is pending before the U.S. Senate.
At the Senate Republican caucus meeting, state GOP Chair and Rep. Jeff Essmann of Billings and Secretary of State Corey Stapleton both spoke against Senate Bill 305, by St Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick, R-Great Falls.
Essmann, a former state senator, said SB 305 was brought with good intentions, but he warned it could hurt Republicans.
The GOP chairman repeated comments he made in an “Emergency Chairman’s Report” email he sent this week with an analysis contending that the bill would disadvantage Republicans in the special election. Essmann predicted a mail-ballot election could increase the turnout of “low-propensity voters” and give Democrats an edge in the special election.
“All mail ballots give the Democrats an inherent advantage in close elections due to their ability to organize large numbers of unpaid college students and members of public employee unions to gather ballots by going door to door,” Essmann’s letter said.
Democrats, Essmann said, have “perfected the mechanics of using mail ballots” in recent elections. Essmann said he fears “the long-term viability of our Republican Party” if Montana switches to all-mail ballots.
Stapleton, the state’s chief election official, said he wasn’t there to tell Senate Republicans how to vote, but told senators they were the protectors of the Republican form of government. He urged them to think twice about “an all-mail-in ballot.”
“If you look at the three states that have done it, you can see that populism and direct democracy at its best, all three states — Oregon, Washington and Colorado — they do all-mail-in ballots and they’re all marijuana-all-the-time states too,” Stapleton said. “Is that what you want? Because that’s what you’re going to get.”
Defending his bill, Fitzpatrick said his bill isn’t an “all mail-ballot” proposal, but a plan for only the 2017 special congressional election to save counties money. He estimated counties would save a total of $500,000 by using mail ballots exclusively in this election in what is an unbudgeted expense that would be “back-breaking” for some counties. Gallatin County would save $100,000, he said.
His own analysis showed that mail ballots have no impact on election results, Fitzpatrick said.
“Last election we have the highest turnout effort, mostly by mail, and the best performance by Republicans,” Fitzpatrick said.

Link to Entire Essmann Memo

Read the Essmann memo in its entirety at

Link to Rachael Maddow Show on Montana Mail-In Ballot Controversy

Rachel Maddow had a very long segment on this issue including an interview with Governor Bullock. See this segment at
It is posted on

Senator Tester Talks to President Trump

The following is a constituent letter sent by Senator Testor on Feb 11, 2017.

unnamedThis week I had the honor of meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House where I personally delivered a message to him that came directly from Montanans who have been calling, emailing and writing me.

During our productive conversation, I made one thing very clear to President Trump: I will work with him when I can, and hold him accountable when I must.

I urged the President to work with me to ban all members of Congress and certain Executive Branch officials from lobbying for five years after leaving civil service. The President and I share this priority, and together I think we can take major steps to clean up Washington and rid it of special interests.

A major part of my job is to hold the administration accountable and work with federal agencies to ensure that Montanans are getting timely answers from their government. That is why I made it clear to the President that his communication ban that is forcing federal agencies like Medicare to ignore Congressional inquiries, is hurting Montana seniors. The President indicated that he will reconsider his communication ban, and I will hold him to that commitment.

Additionally, I raised concerns about the President’s hiring freeze and its impact on veterans. I have heard from veterans across Montana who are very concerned about this. I told President Trump that he needs to exempt all VA employees from the hiring freeze so we can ensure veterans are getting the timely care they deserve.

Finally, I urged the President to stick to his word and protect our public lands. I told him I will hold him and the next Interior Secretary accountable to upholding their commitment to NOT transfer or sell our public lands.

It is my job to make sure that President Trump understands the issues facing Montanans, and that is why I made it clear to him during our meeting that I will give him room to succeed, I will work with him when it benefits our state, and I will provide an important check and balance if he pushes policies that are bad for this country.

As always, it is an honor to serve you.


Rob Quist for Congress 2017

robquistRob Quist grew up as a farmer/rancher’s son in Glacier Country, Mt, attending school in Cut Bank and U of M.

Quist has served on the Montana Arts Council for 11 years promoting arts in Montana communities; served on the Board of the Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation of America for six years; has worked with the Montana Department of Commerce as an ambassador to our sister State in Kumamoto, Japan for three years; served as spokesman and advocate for the Montana Food Bank, and recently received a grant from the Office of Public Instruction to develop anti-bullying programs and a “Native Oral Traditions” program to enhance the arts in our public school systems and promote understanding of our Native Peoples.

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