Unfortunately for Rosendale, MT Voters Will Soon See His Talk Is Cheap

Matt Rosendale, the back-up, back-up choice of the establishment to run for Senate in Montana in 2018, apparently held a telephone town hall Monday, where he pronounced on social media that he discussed “fixing our broken health care system, improving public access to public lands, and getting real results for Montana’s veterans.”

Talk is cheap, he added. We agree, which is why, even though we didn’t get the invite to his tele-town hall, we do have the facts. Let’s review quickly:

  • On healthcare: Rosendale said he supported a straight repeal, which independent analysts have said would jack up health care costs and lead to thousands of Montanans losing their insurance.
  • On public lands: He has repeatedly called for the transfer of federal public lands to the state, which could lead to the sale of lands to private owners. But don’t take it from us, take it from this headline in the Helena Independent Record: “Rosendale calls for transferring federal lands to state”
  • On veterans: And the health care bill Rosendale supports could cost 7,000 Montana veterans their Medicaid coverage. Rosendale only has to look to the state’s senior Senator to figure out how to get real results for Montana’s veterans – Jon Tester has had two bipartisan veterans bills signed into law by President Trump this year alone. His work has also led to a much-needed VA clinic expansion in Billings and numerous Veterans Centers around the state.

So Rosendale is right. Talk is cheap. Especially when what he talks about would do nothing to actually help Montanans.

City of Billings Municipal Primary Election Quick Reference Guide

The City of Billings Municipal Primary Elections are quickly approaching. All ballots are due on Sept 12, 2017. The Yellowstone County Dems created this quick reference guide to help you understand the process!

About the Election:

The election office in Billings, MT is located at the Yellowstone County Courthouse, 217 N 27th St, Room 101. Upon entering the Yellowstone County Courthouse, Room 101 is on your left side should you enter from the west entrance (27th St).

Except for Election Day for the primaries, Sept 12, the Election Office is open during traditional business hours 8 AM – 5 PM. On Election Day, the Election Office is open from 7 AM – 8 PM. The Election Office is closed on Labor Day, Sept 5.

The City Election is being conducted by mail even for people who have not requested an absentee ballot. Ballots will be available for people leaving town prior to being mailed on August 25 or for voters with disabilities starting August 14.

Registering to Vote:

First, check your registration at:


If your registration status is “Inactive” you have to contact the Yellowstone Election Office or register to vote.

If your registration status is active, please check your address. The most common problem is the wrong address for a voter. If the address is wrong, you have to re-register. Please check the “Change of Address” box on the registration form.

You can get the voter registration form at:


You must mail the form to the Yellowstone County Election Office. Box 35002, Billings, MT 59107. This form must be post marked by Aug 14.

You cannot register to vote online or by fax.

After Aug 15, you must go to the Election Office to register to vote.

After Aug 15 you can register and vote on the same day.

Please note that you may register and vote on Election Day, Sept 12.

You can register to vote and vote in Montana even if you have been convicted of a felony. You cannot vote in the Billings city election if you live outside the city, even if you own property in Billings.


The ballots for the city Primary Election will be mailed Aug 25. If you do not receive a ballot by Sept 2 you should contact the Election Office. To insure that your ballot gets to the Election Office on time mail the ballot no later than Sept 5. A regular stamp is sufficient postage. There is a box at the North Entrance of the Courthouse where you can drop your ballot off through Election Day.

There will be three races on your ballot.
-City Judge (Only the current City Judge has filed)
-City Council (Only your Ward)

In each race you can only vote for one candidate. If you vote for two candidates your vote will not be counted.

Please follow the instructions on the ballot.

In a number of races candidates have publicly declared that they have dropped out of the race; however, because the official date for withdrawing as a candidate has passed, their names will still be on the ballot. To date, the following candidates have publicly announced that they have dropped out:

-Mayor: Paul Bledsoe
-Ward 3: Russell Rowland
-Ward 4: Rick McIntyre

Finally, your ballot must be in the Yellowstone County Election Office by 8pm on Tue, Sept 12. Again, the office will be open until 8pm on that day for in person voting.

If you do not know what ward you live in please find your residence on the ward map:

For more information please go to:

New Billings Venue Announced for Rob Quist, Sen. Bernie Sanders Rally

Overwhelming Enthusiasm for Rob Forces Campaign to Find Larger Venue

Rob Quist for Montana today announced that it has been forced to move its Saturday, May 20th rally in Billings with Sen. Bernie Sanders to a larger venue, following overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm for Rob Quist’s campaign.

New campaign rally location for Billings: Billings MetraPark, Expo Center Small Bay.

Attendees can enter through North or West entrances. Montanans can RSVP by texting BERNIE to 30644 or by going to http://robquist.org/bernie

Full Billings event details:

WHO: Rob Quist, Senator Bernie Sanders, local Montanans
WHERE: Billings Metrapark, Expo Center Small Bay, 308 6th Ave N, Billings, MT
WHEN: Doors open at 8:00PM. Program begins at 8:30PMSaturday, May 20

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders to Speak at the Truman Dinner

Billings, Mont. – The Yellowstone County Democrats will hear U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont speak at their annual fundraiser known as the Truman Dinner. Since late April, it has been known that Sanders would be traveling to Montana to assist Democrat Rob Quist in Quist’s election for Montana’s lone congressional seat.

Sanders will be joined by Gov. Steve Bullock, Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney, and Congressional Candidate Rob Quist at the fundraiser. This is the second time that Sanders has visited Montana for public events.

The Truman Dinner, named in honor of Harry S. Truman, will be held at the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton, formerly known as the Crowne Plaza, located at 27 N, 27th St. in Downtown Billings. The fundraiser is May 20, 2017, doors will open at 4:30PM, the reception will start at 5:00PM, and dinner will start at 6:00PM. Individual tickets are $55, platinum sponsor (two tickets) are $150, silver sponsor (four tickets) are $300, and gold sponsor (8 tickets for a reserved table) are $600. For more information or to purchase tickets please go to www.ycdems.org/truman. Tickets are limited at this time.

Sanders is also scheduled to speak at a rally for Rob Quist at 8:30PM at the Billings Depot on the same night.

Trump Jr’s 2nd Visit Marks Signs of Trouble for Gianforte

New Jersey multimillionaire and failed gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte must be in trouble. In a desperate attempt to get Montanans to like him after an embarrassing defeat last November, Gianforte must have begged Trump Jr. to come back to Montana.

Reasons why Montanans don’t like Greg Gianforte (list not complete):

  • He sued Montana to eliminate a public stream access easement near his mansion in Bozeman.
  • He believes politicians like him should make women’s health care decisions.
  • He lobbied for a state wide sales tax.
  • He refuses to divest his shady investments in Russian companies.
  • He supports groups that want to sell off our public lands to the highest bidder.
  • He outsourced jobs to Armenia and India.
  • He said he only located his business in Montana was because he could pay his employees less.
The list goes on.

Rob Quist Votes Early in Kalispell

Candidate Encourages Montanans to Vote Early

Rob Quist, a northwest Montana native, voted today in Kalispell and is encouraging all Montana voters to cast their ballots early and make sure their voice is heard.

“I encourage all Montanans to vote early,” said Rob Quist. “There are enough millionaires in Congress; we don’t need another one. I look forward to being an independent voice for Montana in Congress and will stand up for our public lands, defend women’s health care and protect Social Security and Medicare.”

Rob’s opponent, New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte, is still refusing to divest himself of index funds tied to Russian companies sanctioned by the United States.

In Saturday’s statewide televised debate, Gianforte doubled down on his support for defunding Planned Parenthood and his opposition to abortion even in cases of rape and incest. He still struggles to explain his past financial support of groups seeking to sell off public lands to the highest bidder.