Trump Jr’s 2nd Visit Marks Signs of Trouble for Gianforte

New Jersey multimillionaire and failed gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte must be in trouble. In a desperate attempt to get Montanans to like him after an embarrassing defeat last November, Gianforte must have begged Trump Jr. to come back to Montana. Reasons why Montanans don’t like Greg Gianforte (list not complete): He sued Montana to eliminate […]

Why Gianforte does not represent Montana values

Part 4: Greg Gianforte profited off of the elimination and outsourcing of American jobs This week, as Montana begins an 85-day special election to fill Montana’s open U.S. House seat, the Montana Democratic Party will continue to highlight why failed candidate for governor, New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte, is unqualified to hold that seat.  Each day this […]